BVV’s Early Learning Education

Enjoy Learning…!

Our early learning centre (ELC) caters to the learning needs of children aged three and a half years to five and a half years. Teaching and learning at ELC is designed on the principles of play-based experiential learning. Through these learning experiences, students are empowered with solid fundamentals that provide a foundation for their primary education. With cognitive development, equal emphasis is given to physical, social, and emotional development through gross motor and fine motor skills, free-play and social emotional learning.

During early childhood, the environment is the third teacher beyond parents and educators. Therefore, it is critical to have a stimulating environment that is reflective of children’s learning as they can influence what and how they learn. Aware of this fact, BVV’s early learning centre has been themed as per our curriculum of study. Each classroom is themed as per a particular subject of study, and colourful corridors have been themed with children’s favourite cartoons.